More on the My Cap K-Cup Cap

I’ve really enjoyed these caps so I can cut down on buying Keurig K-cups Original post – My-cap K Cup Saver Review.

I wanted to write a little more about mine.

My-cap is made of heat resistant plastic material that is practically indestructible. Once you buy it, you are ready to reuse the K cups over and over again. Some customers report making coffee with the same K cup for 30 and even more times after purchasing My-Kap.

My-Cap is a perfect little device connected to multiple benefits. The first and most obvious one is that it minimizes the price per cup of coffee. This K-cup cap is an environment friendly solution. Instead of throwing each single K cup away after making coffee, you will be reusing and limiting waste disposal.

My-Cap will keep coffee fresh and aromatic inside the K cup until you are ready to use it. You can get your cups filled in advance and simply make coffee whenever you feel like having a cup.

This is a perfect solution for anyone because it is very simple to use. Following the instructions carefully will help you reuse the same K cup times and times again. There is nothing complex about putting My-Cap on and removing it.

Most people who have used My-Cap report that they love the opportunity of reusing their K cups. The chance to select a favorite brand of coffee and to use the Keurig maker combines two perfect elements for a truly pleasant morning ritual.