My-Cap K Cup Saver Review

Are you one of those people who adore their home Keurig coffee makers? This is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to make hot, aromatic coffee in the morning without having to handle coffee grinding, water filling and other procedures typical for alternative coffee makers.

A product has been designed for usage alongside the Keurig coffee maker. Its main aim is to decrease the price per cup of coffee and it is called My-Cap ( for the Keurig K cups.

K cups are the secret responsible for the high quality coffee you enjoy in the morning. Each one of them, however, costs anywhere between 45 and 65 cents. Reusing the K cup is going to bring that expenditure down.

My-Cap fits comfortably on top of a used K cup and seals it perfectly. The product is designed for long term usage and it will not fall apart, thus losing quality or affecting your morning cup of coffee.

This solution comes as an alternative to the Keurig reusable system, which many people are uncomfortable with. The system consists of a reusable filter, which according to many customers, decreases the quality of coffee. This reusable basket is also quite bulky and difficult to store.

The manner in which My-Cap functions is exceptionally simple. The Keurig K cup can be reused, as long as one finds a way to put fresh coffee inside and to keep it there. This is where the device comes in handy.

Once you buy My-Cap, you will simply have to store the K cups after using them. Remove the coffee inside and rinse thoroughly. Place your favorite coffee in the cup and snap My-Cap on top of the K cup. This is sufficient to seal the cup and to turn it into a reusable one. A simple brush is used to remove excess coffee from the lid. You are now ready to make your deliciously enjoyable morning coffee.