Unique Way to Wallpaper a Wall

wallpaper-okSome walls just seem to cry out for something different. This is especially true with walls that may be the only wall in a room with wainscot or a narrow bit of wall at the end of a hallway or entryway. You might want to consider using wallpaper in a uniquely different manner.

Instead of hanging panels of wallpaper, get scraps, samples, short rolls, etc. and tear them into small pieces of a couple of inches square to create a mottled look on your wall. It does take some time but is simple to do and can be a fun, creative way to add color to a small part of your home.

The first thing to do is prepare the wall. If it has old wallpaper on it, you will want to remove that wallpaper. To do this, you can use a wallpaper remover to loosen it and then scrape it off. If the wall is painted with a smooth surface, just clean it well and put primer on it. If the wall is textured, you can use a joint compound to fill in the low areas, let it dry, sand it lightly and then cover with primer.

Finding wallpaper for this is fairly simple. Most stores that carry wallpaper have sample books and may have some old ones they will either give you or sell cheaply. Also check the bargain wallpaper for rolls of discontinued wallpaper, short rolls and scraps. It is best to have an idea of what colors you want before you start buying so you don’t end up with wallpaper you end up not being able to use. For example, you may want to use blue as the basic color so you look for various shades of blue. If you want to create some sort of pattern in another color or two, such as a night sky, also watch for whites and shades of yellow.

If possible, get prepasted wallpaper that only has to be wetted to put up. Since it may not be possible to get all of it in prepasted, get wallpaper paste too. Even the prepasted will stick better with a little more paste on it. The paste won’t be mixed as thick as it would if you were hanging full panels so you won’t need to buy as much.

Once you have most if not all of the wallpaper you will need, start tearing it into small pieces of two to three inches square. In a medium bowl or bucket (an ice cream bucket works well for this), mix the wallpaper paste so it is soupy. This would be about three parts water to one to one and a half parts wallpaper paste. Drop a couple of handfuls of the torn wallpaper pieces into the paste mixture and start sticking them to the wall, overlapping them slightly as you go. One nice thing about this method is that it is forgiving and there is no such thing as a mistake.

Once you have the entire wall covered with no bare wall showing, you can add a complimentary wallpaper border at the top and bottom for a finished look. Once it is completely dry, you can give it a couple of coats of spray or roller polyurethane to seal it.

Though it takes time, it can be fun to do and your wall will be unique. If you have more walls that are similarly crying out for something different, you might use the same technique and try different colors and effects for each one so each can make its own statement.

Improving Your Home’s Value for Resale

home-for-sale-okWe are all aware that home sales for the last few years have been abysmal. The good news is that sales are picking up dramatically and homes are selling. The bad news is that the best homes are the ones that are going to sell first. Is that really bad news?

Take a Close Look

If you’re considering selling your home, take a good hard look at the house. Think about what you can do to make the house the appealing. Look at it from the eyes of your prospective buyer. What do you see? Is the carpet clean and pristine? Is the paint chipping? Are the gutters sagging? Does it look like somewhere that you’d like to live? You can fix that and it may not cost as much as you might think.

New Carpet and Paint?

One of the best ways to improve the value of your home is with new carpet and a fresh coat of paint. All of the staging crews in the world will tell you that quality carpet and a very clean interior are going to sell the house. New carpet and paint tells the buyer the home is well kept and  is going to provide solid value.

If want to make a great first impression and your carpets aren’t all that they should be, consider whether you should be having them professionally cleaned or whether it might be most cost effective to simply replace the ones that are most worn.

Replacing just one carpet in your home, specifically the living room carpet, can give the impression of a very well kept home. Most of us have entry way stains that may not be easily removed. Professionally cleaning the rug can have a good effect in some cases, but in others, replacing the carpet is going to be the best option.

The average living room carpet can cost between 400 and 800 dollars to replace. That same small expenditure can bring in an additional 4 or 5 thousand dollars when it comes to pricing your home.

The cost of most updates to your home, particularly carpet, will be well covered in the sale price. If you’re considering a home sale, making your home look its absolute best is the surest way to raise the market value of the home and to give it the kind of appeal that is going to sell the home rapidly.

Changing Floor Coverings During Remodeling

carpet tileHome repairs and remodeling can go a long way in increasing or simply maintaining the value of your home. Adding such touches as cork flooring, bamboo flooring, carpet tiles and other remodeling techniques to the home have a way of adding warmth and a personal touch to your domicile.

Flooring is such an important element to the home, that it should never be overlooked during any remodeling process. You may already be aware that by adding color to your walls, and furniture you bring something of yourself into the décor, but this is also accomplished through the use of the appropriate floor covering as well.

Here is some information about a few different types of flooring.


Many home owners today are realizing how comfortable and appealing cork flooring really is. It absorbs shock and spring back into shape easily after being stepped on, and do to its shock absorption, it also acts as sound insulation as well which lends itself well to maintaining a quiet and serene environment.


Laminate flooring brings the look of hardwood floors into the home, but they resist scratches the way wood never could. They are easy to install at much lower cost than traditional wood floors, and they are also resistant to water damage. Their color does not fade in direct sunlight, and make the perfect addition to a home that is filled with kids and pets.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are similar to wall to wall carpeting except that they are easier to clean and maintain. When remodeling, they make an excellent alternative to carpeting because each tile can be removed for cleaning stubborn stains, or replaced without having to replace the entire floor. the best way to determine what the child should be diagnosed and what the best course of action will be for them to take.

More on the My Cap K-Cup Cap

I’ve really enjoyed these caps so I can cut down on buying Keurig K-cups Original post – My-cap K Cup Saver Review.

I wanted to write a little more about mine.

My-cap is made of heat resistant plastic material that is practically indestructible. Once you buy it, you are ready to reuse the K cups over and over again. Some customers report making coffee with the same K cup for 30 and even more times after purchasing My-Kap.

My-Cap is a perfect little device connected to multiple benefits. The first and most obvious one is that it minimizes the price per cup of coffee. This K-cup cap is an environment friendly solution. Instead of throwing each single K cup away after making coffee, you will be reusing and limiting waste disposal.

My-Cap will keep coffee fresh and aromatic inside the K cup until you are ready to use it. You can get your cups filled in advance and simply make coffee whenever you feel like having a cup.

This is a perfect solution for anyone because it is very simple to use. Following the instructions carefully will help you reuse the same K cup times and times again. There is nothing complex about putting My-Cap on and removing it.

Most people who have used My-Cap report that they love the opportunity of reusing their K cups. The chance to select a favorite brand of coffee and to use the Keurig maker combines two perfect elements for a truly pleasant morning ritual.